Artists Who Appeared at Battle of Songs Fort Worth 2024

Classically Modern- Thursday, May 30

Quartet Night! - Friday, May 31

Up Close & Personal - Saturday, June 1

The Inspirationals Quartet of Texas

Appearing Friday, May 31 & Saturday, June 1

Building on our storied heritage, The Inspirationals Quartet of Texas continues the legacy established in 1958 as "Bob Wills & The Inspirationals", now led by a new generation of exceptional artists. Currently, the group features the talents of Bob Wills' sons: Ron Wills, who brings his rich baritone voice and serves as the group's emcee, and Don Wills, whose deep bass tones resonate in every performance. Joining them are Ralph Green, our lead singer (since 1972) known for his powerful vocal prowess, John Rulapaugh, a tenor known for his full tones and ability to tell a story in song, and Bryan Elliott, whose skills as a pianist are unparalleled. Together, these talented individuals uphold the esteemed tradition of "Bob Wills & The Inspirationals", continuing to make a significant impact in the world of gospel music.